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Economics, the key to your success!

AppEco offers first-class applied economics services. Our experts produce economic and strategic analyses that inform decision-making and facilitate the implementation of your projects.

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The AppEco Difference

What sets AppEco apart are five core strengths our clients can count on: expertise, communication, respect, collaboration and competitive rates.

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Assess the impact of a project, policy or law?

AppEco has evaluated dozens of strategic initiatives, bills, regulations, investments, public policies, government programs, etc., using the most pertinent methods given available data and mandate requirements.

Quantify your economic realities and report them to the relevant authorities?

AppEco strives to generate analyses using methods that are appropriate and compelling for experts, while ensuring that results are presented clearly and intuitively to decision-makers.

Better understand your industry?

AppEco works in all sectors of the economy: from manufacturing to retail, health, culture, transportation, public sector management, agri-food, energy, tourism, labour economics, natural resources, immigration, etc. Where data is insufficient, AppEco conducts surveys and polls to supplement available information.


Our mandates

AppEco collaborates daily with various clients, including not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, multinational firms, legal practices, engineering and public relations  firms. Our mandates cover different topics, notably regulatory reforms, sectoral working conditions, healthcare cost control measures, cultural entities, environmental innovation, labour shortage and assessment of major investment projects.

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