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Our expertise


Business and not-for-profit organisations need insight into the economic realities and dynamics of their members, both for their own governance and for their representations to governments. AppEco carries out numerous mandates for these purposes: surveys and polls, regulatory or public policy analyses (e.g. minimum wage), preparation for pre-budget consultations, impact studies, etc. Several of our analyses have had a decisive influence on the public policies and regulations studied.

Law, Public Relations and Engineering Firms

Professional firms seek competent and credible experts to realize their mission. Whether expert reports are produced in the context of a trial, a parliamentary commitee, or another setting, AppEco’s economic experts provide first-rate analyses and counsel, many of which have led to significant wins for our clients.

Large Companies

For over 25 years, AppEco’s experts have been providing applied economics consulting services to large companies in Canada and abroad. As such, the range of mandates is as varied as the clients they serve: economic impact studies, surveys, pricing, modelling, etc. We are familiar and comply daily with the process, quality, safety and accountability requirements that govern the execution of these mandates. As required, AppEco also assembles and leads multidisciplinary teams, for the execution of major projects.

Government Agencies

From an economic perspective, the government’s role is to provide citizens with goods and services that businesses either do not provide, or provide too little or inefficiently. Health, education, transportation and infrastructure, environment, as well as culture and community development are all areas where government involvement to varying degrees is generally required. The development and ongoing adaptation of programs, laws and regulations are also fundamental roles of government, as is the management of public finances. AppEco’s experts have a wealth of experience in fulfilling mandates for Canada’s federal, provincial and municipal governments. In addition, we deal with the ever-increasing accountability or performance analysis needs of various levels of government and ensure ongoing follow-up and communication of project progress to the appropriate managers.

I help decision-makers make informed choices through compelling economic analyses that meet the highest quality standards.

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Julien Mc Donald-Guimond

MA, Economist

Julien Mc Donald-Guimond