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Our services

AppEco produces economic, strategic and financial analysis mandates of all kinds.

Our briefs, studies and expert opinions, intended for parliamentary committees, courts or for publication purposes, are clear and accessible. Based on proven methodologies and processes, they apply the principles of econometrics and modelling to answer the research questions raised: various statistical analyses, all types of regressions, time-and-motion analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, forecasting, simple and multi-state survival analysis, etc.

Economic Impact Studies

These analyses aim to understand and quantify the impacts resulting from a project, an investment, a new bill or public policy, an event, a regulatory change etc. They include :

  • economic impact calculations, which measure the effect of spending on economic activity, employment, taxation and competition;
  • cost-benefit analysis, which quantifies and compares the economic benefits of a project to its costs to the entire society:
  • individuals, businesses and governments; program evaluation, which measures how well public intervention contributes to the achievement of a given objective, such as job creation;
  • damage assessment, which quantifies the financial impact (usually negative) of an event on one or more individuals or businesses.

Surveys and polls

This includes direct data collection from groups of individuals or enterprises, and statistical analysis of the data obtained- this is where AppEco stands out compared to survey firms;


This wide range of analyses aims to establish the right price for a given good or service.

I enjoy making economics accessible to everyone, and producing analyses that make an impact.

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Cristina Ruscio

LLM / MSc., Economist

Cristina Ruscio