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Studies & mandates

AppEco offers first-class applied economics services. Our experts produce economic and strategic analyses that inform decision-making and facilitate the implementation of your projects.

Here is a representative sample of the Studies & Mandates carried out for the benefit of our clients.

Impact studies, Modelling and Forecasting

I wish to help AppEco’s clients take strategic decisions based on sound data and contribute to the success of their projects through efficient communication.

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Richard Fahey

MSc, LLM, LLB, Lawyer and Vice-President

Richard Fahey

Health Economics

Analysis of health insurance claims data
  • Evaluation of the clinical and economic consequences of the generic substitution of five drugs in the United States.
  • Analysis of the economic and budgetary impacts of generic substitution of one drug in four European countries.
  • Evaluation of the clinical and economic impacts of multiple-generic substitution of an anti-epileptic drug.
Other studies in health economics
  • Organizational and economic analysis of drug price control measures and expenditures in Quebec.
  • Portrait of the characteristics and economic contribution of private companies offering health and social services in Quebec.
  • Pricing: development of various pricing tools and their financial impact: pricing process; relationship between prices; market access and financial impact; econometric analysis of prices; contracts between manufacturers and payers, etc.
  • Evaluation of the direct and indirect costs of regulatory delays in approving drug reimbursement by payers.
  • Time-and-motion study of the non-medical costs of treatment in a specialized oncology centre.
  • Cost-effectiveness study, budget impact analysis and social impact analysis for a smoking cessation drug.
  • Macroeconomic projection of future drug use and costs in various Canadian provinces under various scenarios.
  • Impact analysis of a treatment / drug on a population’s health and healthcare costs in Canada, using a multi-state life-table model

Sector Studies

Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation
  • Impact evaluation of an e-commerce training program in the retail industry.
  • Economic status of the regulatory process for determining the price of imported books.
  • Economic analysis of the financing of a charitable organisation through a “half and half” lottery.
  • Analysis of the economic contribution of the Canadian Red Cross during the Fort McMurray fires.
  • Analysis of the educational and economic contribution of private education institutions in Quebec.
  • Analysis of the fiscal and social profitability of services promoting employability.
  • Analysis of the economic impact of immigration programs.

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