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The AppEco difference

Five core strengths our clients can count on


AppEco possesses in-depth technical expertise and delivers first-class services in applied economics: economic impact studies, surveys and polls, cost-benefit analyses, modelling, econometrics, pricing, etc.


AppEco pays special attention to effectively presenting results and their effects to stakeholders. Our track record in communications speaks for itself and will contribute to your project’s success.


AppEco respects the needs and realities of its clients; the integrity, professional opinion and individual realities of its staff and collaborators; as well as current laws, regulations and codes of ethics.


AppEco promotes active collaboration with clients, and experts from various disciplines. As a result, our consulting services and counsel are richer, have a broader scope and generate more impact for everyone.

Competitive Rates

AppEco offers attractive rates for high-level expertise in applied economics.

Our expertise

Our Credo

AppEco believes in using the most reliable data and appropriate mathematical methods possible to present economic realities in a convincing and credible way.

AppEco contributes to the development of an economy that is as green and circular as possible, both through the advice it provides to its clients and the actions of its staff. To this end, the firm has a sustainability policy (Fr) in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals and is committed to carbon neutrality.

AppEco considers clear, high-quality communication to be as important as analytical rigour. Ultimately, the real success of any applied economics exercise is to inform and persuade the decision-makers targeted.

At AppEco, our goal is to provide analysis both compelling to our most rigorous peers and clear and persuasive for the decision makers involved.

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Pierre Emmanuel Paradis

MA, DESS, Economist and President

Pierre-Emmanuel Paradis

The AppEco Team

Pierre Emmanuel Paradis, MA, DESS, Economist and President

Holding a Master’s degree in economics and a graduate diploma in corporate finance, Mr. Paradis has over 25 years of experience in applied economics and business strategy.

Mr. Paradis performs mandates on current issues and where economic analysis adds significant value to the decision-making process. He has developed complex quantitative models, conducted several surveys, and performed numerous economic analyses in various sectors, including health, retail, manufacturing, transport, government affairs, agribusiness, energy, cultural industries, tourism, and professional sports. These analyses were produced for a wide range of clients: business groups; engineering, law, and public relations firms; governments; multinationals; etc.

Mr. Paradis has published several articles and reports, and regularly gives conferences. He has provided expert testimony before various government agencies, at parliamentary commissions, and in the media.

He is the author of Faites les bons choix 10 courtes leçons d’économie appliquée, published by the Éditions de l’Homme in September 2020

Richard Fahey, MSc, LLM, LLB, Lawyer and Vice President

For 20 years, Mr. Fahey has held senior management positions in public affairs, communications, strategic planning, legal, operations and human resources at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), the McGill University Health Center (MUHC), Energir, Tembec or the Québec Government. A dynamic leader, he led multidisciplinary teams, most often in sensitive socio-political or regulatory contexts.

As Senior Vice President, Strategic Development at the CFIB, Mr. Fahey has positively influenced the economic growth of Quebec and Canada by leading research on public finance, regulation, international trade, energy, agriculture, comparative public-private compensation, government financial assistance programs, labor standards and business succession.

Julien Mc Donald-Guimond, Director and Economist

Mr. Mc Donald-Guimond is an economist at AppEco where he contributes to the firm’s economic impact, public economics and econometrics analyses. After completing his Master’s degree in Economics at Queen’s University, he worked for close to 4 years at the Bank of Canada where he developed expertise in macroeconomics, research and modeling. He designed short- and long-term forecasting models and conducted research on productivity, digital technology adoption by Canadian businesses and climate change. He also completed an internship at the Quebec National Assembly, which allowed him to gain knowledge of the decision-making and parliamentary processes. At AppEco, Mr. Mc Donald-Guimond contributes his economic and quantitative expertise in the areas of public policy and regulatory analysis, health economics, labour economics and sectoral analysis.

Jean-Charles Denis, MSC, Economist

Mr. Denis is an economist at AppEco, where he develops his skills in applied economics and econometrics. He holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in applied economics from the University of Sherbrooke. He stands out for his synthesis skills and his economic research abilities. His master’s degree focused on an analysis of consumer confidence shocks on real estate market activity and on the business cycle.

Guyllaume Faucher, MSc, Economist

Mr. Faucher holds a master’s degree in applied economics from HEC Montréal. His thesis focused on the impact of central bank interventions on aggregate demand and inflation using a DSGE model. Prior to joining AppEco, Mr. Faucher was an economist at the Bank of Canada where he developed expertise in potential output, labour market trends and demographics. As an economist at AppEco, he uses his skills in applied economic analysis, econometrics and finance. He is interested in the digitalization of the economy and economic impact analysis.

Philippe Gougeon, Director and Economist

Mr. Gougeon holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Sherbrooke. He was an economic advisor to the CAQ’s parliamentary wing between 2015 and 2018, and then served as Deputy Director and Chief of Staff of the Quebec Minister of Finance from 2018 to 2022. During this period, he actively contributed to the development of numerous government policies and fiscal measures, particularly during the critical years of the COVID-19 pandemic. He led the preparation and revision of Quebec’s budgets, in addition to providing expertise in the development of fiscal frameworks and the preparation of electoral platforms. The key decision makers of the government, namely the Prime Minister and his team, the Minister of Finance and other Ministers, has relied on Mr Gougeon’s expertise and analyses. That gives him a deep knowledge of the governmental and political processes and a high-level ability of economic advice. Finally, he participated in the elaboration of the last fiscal pact and in several parliamentary commissions.

Louis-Philippe Béland, Teacher and Economist

Louis-Philippe is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at Carleton University and a consultant for AppEco. He holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Montreal and is an expert in applied microeconomics. He has published 18 peer-reviewed publications to date, including several in leading journals such as American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, and Health Economics. His research articles have had a significant impact on public policy in several countries. Several of his articles have been discussed in the main media of many countries such as: The New York Time, The Washington Post , Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail, CBC, Sydney Morning Herald, Le Monde, Die Welt, Folha de S.Paulo. He has written several articles for The Conversation, some of which have been reprinted in prestigious publications such as Scientific American and Time Magazine. According to REPEC, he is among the best young economists in the world (10 years or less since the doctorate) and among the most productive economists in the country in the last ten years.